5 Steps That Get You In Front of

THOUSANDS of Your Dream Clients &

Positions You as the Go-to Expert in Your Niche… FAST!​​​​​​​

(WITHOUT blogging, using Facebook ads or tech!)

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Here's What You'll Learn During The Masterclass...

How to become VISIBLE and the AUTHORITY in your niche

The 5 steps that get you in front of THOUSANDS or even

MILLIONS of your dream clients and turns you from being

invisible and unheard of into the GO-TO EXPERT and CELEBRITY in your niche… sometimes OVERNIGHT...

A FREE and EASY way to generate high quality leads,

subscribers and sales

You'll learn a surprisingly simple tactic that regularly drives tons of HIGH-QUALITY visitors to your website and fills your email list full of HOT subscribers (This is WITHOUT using Facebook Ads, Google Ads or any other form of paid advertising)...

ONE FREE marketing strategy that converts clients into sales like crazy!

This marketing strategy that very few business owners are using gets your DREAM CLIENTS to come looking for you – ones who are already pre-qualified and happy to pay PREMIUM PRICES to work with you…

How to stop TECH headaches and ALGORITHM disasters for good

You'll learn how to wave goodbye to Facebook and Google

Algorithm headaches and Tech nightmares and tap into the BIGGEST traffic source instead… for FREE!

The FASTEST and EASIEST way to success

You'll discover why blogging, posting on social media and

churning out content is the SLOWEST way to get your ideal

clients and a super simple strategy that attracts the EXACT

clients who are a perfect match for your high-ticket programs, online courses and consultancy services (No matter how

competitive or niche your business is)...

How to best serve your clients and have the life you deserve at the same time

You'll learn how to use this ONE STRATEGY with total

authenticity - serving your clients at the highest level, making a difference in the world and fulling your dreams at the same time.


About Sharon Bolt

Sharon Bolt is world-class and in a category of one when it comes to getting publicity, she helps Elite Business Owners and Maverick Entrepreneurs to get visibility, credibility and authority at an iconic level.

Known as ‘The Mindset Media Expert’ Sharon is renowned for getting high profile features and interviews on top global media platforms, all around the world, for her clients. She believes that your mindset plays a crucial part, and is often the ‘missing link’, when it comes to phenomenal media success, which is why she gives her clients the mindset tools to obliterate any limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours - ones that smash any glass ceilings to smithereens.

Over the years Sharon has been featured on, and has contributed to, some of the top media channels on the planet, including the BBC, ITV and Channel 5 TV Shows, The independent and The Guardian National Newspapers and on FOX, CBS and NBC. She has also had a regular slot on BBC Radio since 2008 where she answers the listeners’ questions.

Sharon is also a regular contributor to, has written for the HuffPost and has been interviewed on some of the top podcast shows from all around the world, she is also the co-author of 2 highly acclaimed books called 'Successful Women in Business' and 'Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Running Your Own Business.'

Sharon’s unique approach to getting publicity is done in a strategic way so that you don't waste time doing interviews with media outlets that don't give you credibility or sales. She believes that publicity isn't about 'ego boosting' it's about monetizing your exposure as well as giving you extreme credibility and elite status.

Sharon and her team work with Elite Experts who have a powerful message to share and who want to impact the world in an extraordinary way. Her superpower is turning Elite Business Owners and Maverick Entrepreneurs into MEDIA ROCKSTARS through MEDIA DOMINATION.

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